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Healing Soul – In Soul

Are You Looking For Guidance Dear Soul?

Mortality is not an easy ride and I know that through experience. Thats why I offer seeking souls free life lesson guidance and support. You see; because of my journey I’m able to offer a wide range of support services for those facing up to mortal death, grief, transitioning, letting go and pre and post bereavement. I also offer free personal development and spiritual guidance as well as self help and wellness and career guidance. That said; I also support seasoned and budding entrepreneurs and philanthropists with their strategic and operational undertakings et al. Yes I cover many areas such has been my current life experiences and whilst I serve freely..…………

The Light – Of Love

Let The Light You Are Shine Resplendent

I am love, I am love, I am that, I am. Yes. I am love, I am love, I am that, I am. Really is the enquiry that roars with angst from deep within? Yes I am love, I am love, I am that, I am. Well replys the angst laden querent if I am love why am I so angry, so frightened, so bitter, so untruthful, so perverted, so greedy, so nasty, so lazy, so boastful, so ugly, so horrible, so fat, so thin, so tall, so short are the questions that arise deep within. If I am love why am I all the former and more roars the querent deep within? Does all that sound strange dear reader? No because it’s clear……..

Cosmic – Phoenix

When Cosmic Worlds Fall, Light is Reborn

Embracing the cosmic phoenix is a rite of passage for all upon the sacred journey of soul. For when the work has been done and the ascent of mount carmel has been realised. So the rising of the cosmic pheonix sits resplendent in the energy of the anointed one. That very point upon the sacred journey of soul where death and fear of death are dissolved forever. Indeed that very point when the anointed one can welcome and sit with all emotions, all feelings and all distortions and lovingly let them go. Therein; the birthing of spirit in soul through…………..

Language Of – Love

The Language of Love is The Language of Soul

The language of love is not a romantic notion or gesture, nor is it conditional upon a favourable response. For from such limitations are not the active and passion expressions of the language of love. You see; the language of love is a universal law and as a universal law it is irrevocable. Such that as we love, so is the love we receive. So be kind, be compassionate and know that you are the creator of all that you are……………..

Reclaim Your – Peace

Its is Your Rite to Reclaim Your Inner Peace

You know much energy is lost in the lowly plane by awakening souls trying desperately to comply with and fit into complete and utter nonsense. Difficult and emotionally stifled parents, disagreeable siblings, codependent relationships, narcissists et al., and of course educational and overt inculcation systems designed to stifle the light and empower innate darkness. No wonder then that the awakening soul doesn’t know who they are, can’t seem to prosper in the world and above all things feel like they are from another planet. Still all that is simply the cracking of the seed. A divinely orchestrated growth spurt that calls the awakening soul to reevaluate and align wholly holy with their innate authenticity. That is the………..

Crisis of – Identity

Embracing The Blessings in Identity Crisis

It is truly so that you, I, we are not the identity that was imposed upon us, for we are so much more than the turgid nature of our mortal straightjackets. Still will assume our identities for that is the way and we carry on as thus until that is the seed of light reawakens again. Thereafter we begin to feel as if we don’t exist. People just don’t seem to see us, they don’t acknowledge that we have rights and rites and needs and desires too. Indeed and as that awakening picks up momentum it seems to the awakening one that all that they are is some one to use and abuse and implored to be something that doesn’t resonate with them. Thereafter a state of deeper realisation is born within and in that state it becomes self evident that…..

Be Your – Own Hero

Be Your Own Hero Dear Soul, Be Your Love

Many decades ago I sat amongst my fast asleep inculcators in a state of immense and utter despair and I stated there must be more to life than this. It can’t just be about coming down here, working, sleeping, getting married, having children and then dying. The response I received was no better than it could be for I was slapped and ridiculed endlessly and without mercy I would add. Still that was the call of my soul. The timeless call that sits as seed within every soul awaiting the timing of divine orchestration. Thereafter the hero is born. The one who embarks upon and walks through darkness alone and often times forlorn. Now mortal man has no control over that journey for that is a journey written amongst the stars. But you will know the mortal man and the mortal wo-man dear mortal who embarked upon their heroes journey and who…….

Awakening – Souls

Seek Ye Not Dust, But Your Eternal Rites

All the honours and riches of men are as nothing in a state of sleep dear soul. Therein better to awaken, awaken, awaken dear soul. Yes better to awaken and to truly understand and embrace the truth that you are an eternal soul. For you are not dust but dialectic light, magnetic and electricity in universal unified flow. Therein; better much better to realise that you are powerful beyond mortal knowing dear soul. For you are not the victor or the victim. In truth you are soul manifesting your……..

Chemistry – Alchemy

As Chemist and Alchemist, Be You; Love

When one comes to understand and embrace the truth that they are soul, so magic unfolds and manifestation truly understood. For when comes to know the order of chemistry so they truly know how to feed and heal and restore their clay vessel. Still further when one comes to understand the order of alchemy so the cosmos is healed and restored unto sublime order. That is the sacred journey of soul dear soul, sun rise to son set. Indeed the alchemy of letting go of distortion and embracing divine truth. A state of be-ing that is all things, everything and no-thing amidst pure awareness. So become the chemist and alchemist of your life dear so and in doing so lifts the hearts and minds of all whom you would meet. Be and bring about……….

Manifesting – Satya

Prayer is Your Doorway To Manifestation

Many are dismayed and even frightened when the word prayer is brought into the conversation, irrespective of what is unfolding in their lives. The reason? Secular religion is responsible for many grievous acts of indecency upon the senses and sensibilities of mortal man. Therein belief in the power of prayer is questionable to say the very least. Still an even greater number descend into truly irrational fears and shut down when the words mystical prayers are consciously brought up in conversation. Why is that so? Well the former certainly plays its part. But more than that the inculcations of secular societies frequently create irrational occultist thought forms around that and those which cannot be explained by the senses e.g. mysticism and those who walk that path. Thereafter the egoic mind which thrives upon fear creation and………

Fostering – Holy Love

Born of Love to Create Love, That is Soul

As each soul descends through the seven heavenly planets e.g. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon and unto its new mortal incarnation. Much is expected yet all to frequently all is lost. For in the deep sleep of amnesia lost is the divinity that shines resplendent eternally. In its place a pitiful creature often takes form. A creature lost in a petty little identity and consumed for a life time by self-indulging greeds, hates and crimes against its fellow creatures. Lost so lost that love has no home and yet amidst such a lowly state the unrealised spark remains……….

The Ardour – Of Fin

Love Desires to Inspire, Empower and Uplift

This post is dedicated to two incredible divine feminine souls. Raphael’s Legacy presents an evocative appraisal of the false truths we’ve been sold as a society about chronic conditions such as: Depression, Stress, CFS, ME, Psychological Illness, Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism, Toxic Body Syndrome & Lymes Disease. An open and candid collection of thoughts derived from one man’s innate ability to do battle and fight for what is our most precious of gifts; the right to life. The result of thirty years of struggle, thirty years of pain, a career, body and sense of wellbeing destroyed simply because our medical industry is institutionally insane. Read how the author explores for you the incompetence, ignorance and prejudices that underpin our medical industry, and then revel in the simplicity of his postulations for the pursuit of well being. A hard hitting, yet comical take on the process of illness that will almost certainly bring a smile to your face and yet paradoxically, may leave you feeling completely flabbergasted at times.

Empty – Vessels

The One In An Empty Vessel Knows Peace

When one walks the great walk of walks mortal life can truly suck at times e.g. we may find ourselves continually surrounded by abusers, addicts, the seriously mentality unbalanced and those who operate in ways that create havoc continually. As such it’s not easy growing in soul when surrounded by such dissonance for much are the patterns and programmes of mortal insanities. Still that is precisely why one is placed in such situations. For the purging of dissonance requires innate self awareness, tenacity, courage and the amplification of inner compassion dear soul. For only then can one become an empty vessel which is all part of the great expansion of soul. You see; that which appears so is…………

Mirror – Mirror

Sowing Seeds of Light, Like You Dear Soul

When we change the reflection we see in the mirrors of our outer world by actualised transmutation of dissonance in our inner world. Magical realities are born and reborn continually dear soul. That is self-alchemy indeed the journey of letting go of that which is unreal and simply patterns of dissonance. That is the point when joy and peace are actualised. That is the point upon ones inner journey where health issues are replaced by actualised wellness, clarity and deep inner knowing. That is the point when that which was and that which was not are seen for what they were, yet could never truly be. That dear soul is………

I Am – Grateful

I Am Grateful, Ever So Grateful, Dear Lord

This post was compiled to articulate my immense gratitude for this sacred journey of soul and to seek to honour that daily in thought, word and deed. Therein; I am grateful to all those who hated and abused me. I am grateful to my God for always loving me. I am grateful to the hand few souls who loved and helped me. I am grateful for the ever changing seasons and the cycles of life and death. I am grateful for my shower in the morning and the songs of the sparrows and doves that serenade my always. I am grateful for my warming and contemplative tea that lifts my spirit no matter what is……..

Godly – And Ungodly

All That is Godly is Holy, All That is Not is Not

This post was written in recognition of my gratitude towards my entire birth family, and in particular my siblings and all those who helped me through their hatred and abuse to find and love my Lord God more and more as my journey unfolded. For what they meant for my harm, God used for my good and his glory. This gratitude that arises deep from within my entire being is not about forgiveness or forgetting. For; such gratitude is born out of transcendence of that which is wholly unholy and transforming all of its interwoven energies into that which is truly; wholly holy. That dear soul is the innate blessing that awaits all who would willingly awaken to the eternal loving call of spirit in soul. Indeed the reactivation of the divine spark of God within. That said dear soul; all souls incarnate from light and therein carry an innate divine spark albeit not all divine sparks are divinely inclined. You see dear soul; circumstances, life challenges, individual, group and lineage karma and dharma all play out in every sacred journey of soul. Yet it is free will that decides how things will ultimately unfold. You see; the one born into abuse has a choice before them. Do I heal my abuse and rise above its scars serving others who may be struggling with their own abuse? Or do I become an abuser and create my own death trail of victims of abuse? Likewise any and every situation that one may incarnate into carries with it opportunities to flow, to grow, to evolve or to stagnate. Indeed opportunities to…………….

Truly – Holy Love

Truly Holy Love is The Spark of Eternal Life

Many will you meet dear soul who claim to love and yet observation will indicate they’ve spent their entire mortal life passage in a state of unreconcilable hate. If you don’t agree with them they will hate you. If you attempt to teach them they will hate you. If you touch the fragility of their ego they will hate, slander and attack you. If your very being disturbs them enough they will hate you for no apparent reason. But the holy truth is that hate is simply love in distortion, nothing more, nothing less. You see; the fundamentalist murders for love of their beliefs et al. Therein; hate is simply love in distortion. Yet it is that distortion which so aggressively blocks the sacred journey of soul. That is precisely why so very few……………

Truly – Holy Truth

Magic and Miracles in Each Moment

When you let go of the script they imposed upon you dear soul and align with that which you’ve always been. Magic and miracles unfold in each moment such is the sacred journey of soul. That is love in flow dear soul. Yes truly that is the word and the word is the sacred sound and vibration of God. Indeed that which is known deep within every soul as OM. For you are energy, light and magnetism expanding and contracting in divine and eternal unfoldings dear soul. You’re not matter, not thought and not of this lowly world. This has nothing to do with………

Māyā Or – Holy Truth

Tread Lightly Amongst Brambles Dear Soul

Tread lightly amongst brambles sunflowers of God, sowing goodness and love and truth deep within your holy eternal heart. Why? Because the vibrational resonance of the sleeping one and the awakening one are spirit in soul worlds apart. With the former quite often religiously inculcated or lost in mammon whilst the latter is a seeker of truth. You will always know the two for; religion is based upon beliefs but the one upon the sacred journey of soul bases their life upon experiences that they’ve experienced and that dear soul is active spirit in soul consciousness. That is the one who loves and serves, not one who follows dogma and one dimensional thinking or thinkers. You see dear soul; self awareness is truly a most…………

Holy Heaven – Awaits

Eternal Soul, Near Death Experiences

It is true dear soul that holy heaven awaits every soul upon the completion of the great works in this lowly place. Albeit there are many levels of heaven each one drawing unto it that which is like for like. How would I know that? Well I am blessed if you will to have seen spirit and move energy since I was a child. Not that such experiences are always pleasant far from it for the majority are deeply challenging and often heartbreaking at times. Still I am blessed to have helped some of my many brothers and sisters find their own way and transition with grace. That is the life of one who has embodied all aspects of the sacred journey of soul. I am blessed to have experienced the depth, breadth and length of mortal suffering that I’ve experienced, endured and continue to allow unto this day. For through such a karmic ordeal of clearing and opening up to the divine I have been granted sublime grace. I am blessed if you will to have had three near death experiences and many, many more out of body………….

Mastering – Love

So You Will Be Love In Cosmic Flow Again

When you let go of the old man and the old woman, dear soul. So you will begin to be love in cosmic flow again. When you let go of the old story’s of woe dear soul so you will begin to be love in cosmic flow again. Mortal life is an opportunity dear soul to explore many things. Still when you let go of inculcated and karmic themes and patterns dear soul. So you will be love in cosmic flow, truly resplendent again. Come the moment, come the drama. Let it all go dear soul that is not who you are. For when you………..

Epitome – Of Light

The Light Within Once Activated Will Shine

In valley deep and mountain high the light within once activated will shine and illuminate the way that others might see too. In famine and feast the light within once activated will shine and illuminate the way that others might see too. In despair and ardour the light within once activated will shine and illuminate the way for others that they might see too. In student and teacher the light within once activated will shine and illuminate the way for others that they might see too. In initiate and adept the light within once activated will shine and illuminate the way for others that they might see too. In surrender to all that is the divine will of God. The light within once activated will shine and illuminate……..

Abundant – Treasures

With a Loving Heart Building Treasures?

Are you building your eternal treasure trove dear soul? I’m not asking if you go to temple, to church, mosque or a religious meeting place. I’m not asking if you give a little to charity and feel that you have a kind heart. I’m asking if you are truly doing the inner work and working upon purifying your very essence and letting go of that which does not serve your soul. So I ask again are you building your eternal treasure trove dear soul? Are you? Because be under no illusion that your greatest threat is the illusionary delusions of mammon. Indeed the delusions of status, of self reward, of physical strength and beauty………….

Solomons – Temple

Wilt Thou Come, Wilt Thou Come Lord?

Wilt thou come, wilt thou come my lord and still my heart? Wilt thou come, wilt thou come my lord as my tears they cease not falling? Wilt thou come, wilt thou come my lord as my broken body yearns for peace? Wilt thou come, wilt thou come my lord when my final breath does leave? Wilt thou come, wilt thou come my lord when shadows approach and I feel all alone? Wilt thou come, wilt thou come my lord when light gives way to shadows? Wilt thou come………….

Wholly – Holy

The Small Still Voice, Sower of Seeds

When we listen and I mean truly listen, the heart sings, for it is not of this world. When we listen and I mean truly listen the universal pulse of divinity courses through our being for we are not of this world. When we listen and I mean truly listen with all aspects of our being the wholly, holy is present always. That is the way, the truth and the life. When we listen and I mean truly listen wisdom flows from the most unexpected experiences. When we listen and I mean truly listen love flows with serene exuberance and nowt can stem that flow. When we listen and I mean truly listen to the groanings of our soul and those whom we meet. Compassion rises………

Karmic – Graffiti

When The Graffiti Of Karma is Healed

Born into this world but not of it, I knew from infancy that this was not enough. By this I mean all the shattering of my rich expectations of a life lived through the lens of love. Much was I ridiculed much was I forlorn. But nowt softened or removed my yearning for that which I knew was real but sadly not in this world. Still it can happen at any point in your life dear soul. The veil breaks and you’re blessed to look and see through the illusion as an observer of reality. That is the point that the seed case has crack and spring of eternal has sprung back into life and inner growth recommences for another cycle. Seasons come and go, incarnations stutter, ascend and fall. But truly soul knows who and what is in absolute loving and total control. Shattering delusions meld into shadows of terrifying distortions. Doves are born deep within the birth grounds of soul. The dance and breath of life embrace and in joyous rapture……

Faith – Eternal Truth

Living Life in Mystical Prayer and Service

Where is the love in hanging to that which is worn and no longer suits the current vibration. Throw not away through ignorance and foolishness but through experiential wisdom. Seek not to reinvent the wheel dear soul. But seek to reinvent thine self. Give way to all, allow and flow, but don’t fall to the illusions and delusions of ants of men. Seek calmness within. Bring forth that calmness to all whom you meet. Let not a snipe, a rebuke of the insanities of a sleeping one trouble you. Sing your song in or out of tune it truly matters not. Create waves of change through deep loving impressions. Don’t……

Freedom – Liberation

Living Through The Lens of Loving Soul

When the heavens sit at ease within your beating and still heart again dear soul. Then you will know the serenity of innate peace. When the heavens rise and fall in absolute compassion deep within your soul again. Then you will know God and freedom beckons. When the tears fall in laughter, sadness, joy and compassion again. Then you will truly know soul, dear soul. When love pulls and draws you towards the narrow gate through deeds and service again. Then you will know the sacred journey of soul, dear soul. When you are still amidst chaos and serenity in equal measure again. Then you will know……

Spiritual – Bypassing

Why Spiritual Bypassing Serves Not Soul

Coming to ones vibrational attunement and out of ones senses is a mighty gradient of unlearning that all upon the sacred journey of soul have to climb. Indeed an overcoming of and transmuting of falsity that can then be rebirthed into innate and visceral wisdom. Therein; not to rise to that challenge is merely circumvention and circumvention is simply the bypassing of that which challenges. The fallout of which is allowing dissonant energy to continue to block the flow of love in flow. Now much and many pilgrims upon the sacred journey of soul falter and fall as their gradients of senses dissolution takes its toll. For the unyielding climb tests all pilgrims to the very depths of their resolve. Thereafter somber is the heart and quick are the many who dive into spiritual bypassing upon the sacred journey of soul. Indeed many who simply opt out of the great works and opt in to the overtly self-limiting reality of dissolution bypassing. All for a false…………

Light Of – The Worlds

Be The Light Of These Worlds Dear Soul

The passing of and custodianship of the light is a rite of passage. It is thus that the light shineth and it cannot be expunged. That is and will always be; the way, the truth and the life of cosmic law. Indeed that is the way, the truth and the life of every awakened and awakening soul. Still illumination is the cosmic light that shineth within and without born through love for all with eyes to see. No matter the scorn and the ravages of mortal life torn to shreds in a myriad of brutal ways. The light shineth and cannot be expunged for truly that is the way, the truth and the life. When all must be let go and surrender laid bare. The light……….

In Prayer – אָמֵן तथास्तु

Pray Thee Always That Thy; Prayers Heal

The art of a life lived well is to love and cut ourself some slack daily. For; incarnated soul in mortal has no end destination, but it is a journey aided greatly through prayer. Therein; pray thee wholly in silence and alone and away from the constructs of thy ego. Pray thee holy and solely in alignment wholly with thy soul. Lift up thine eyes and surrender thy heart. Pray thee for forgiveness, pray thee for fortitude and pray thee for wisdom and without ceasing. Lift up thine eyes, surrender thy heart, look to that which calls and draws thee the lord from deep within. Let go of desire and pray for divine mercy. Lift up thine eyes and embrace thy weary soul. Look upon thy brothers and sisters with faith, hope and charity and pray that thy very being will be protected from the ravages of evil always. Let thy light shine through service, prayer and deed. Pray for courage daily that the will of the lord will be done. Set aside all discord and surrender thine own will to peace. Pray thee…………..

Awakening To – Truth

Awaken To The Truth Pilgrim And Let Go

When we set out upon our pilgrims journey dear soul we do so in gross ignorance and unbelievable naivety. Deluded we are contrived to believe that our unfolding life will be one that sparkles with all manner of joys and rewards. Not so. For soon we find as this great transformation unfolds that all sacred pilgrim journeys require of the pilgrim great courage, unyielding tenacity and a depth of compassion that often times seems otherworldly. You see; the sacred pilgrims journey truly is a darkness that knows not the light and yet the light truly knows the darkness intimately. Such are the great travails and labours of birthing the Christos within that many fall before self realisation is realised. Still the will of the lord…………..

Come Unto Me – Calls

Come Unto Me, I Yearn, Come Unto Me

Are you an empty vessel dear soul? Have you emptied yourself that others might be? Do you seek to inspire, uplift and empower. Not for self but that others might set themselves free? Do you flow from heart in all of your interactions be they dissonant or harmonic? Do you laugh much and enjoy the companionship of deep inner peace no matter the sticks and stones that might be thrown at you? Do you seek greater meaning than that which you are? Do you wrestle and harmonise with monsters daily deep within? Do you bend into the torturing winds or do you give way and allow fearing nowt? Do you long to be home again dear soul? To be that which you can never find in this place. Do you often times ponder the destiny of seeds and souls of men dear soul? Whilst your peers they stress endlessly about the destiny of much ado about nothing. Do you sleep with untroubled……………

Soul – Alignment

Great is The Love, That Lights The Way

This post that you’re about to read is dedicated to all who may be preparing to say farewell dear soul until we “will” to meet again. Within music divine that lifts hearts and clears all minds in vibrational alignment pulsing to the frequency of love. It’s good to meet you again my dear, dear soul for as mortals we are certainly not young anymore. But the twinkle in your eyes is still there my dear, dear soul. O how I love you. Strong backs and firm hips have given way to the creaks and groans of weary old bones. But the spirit is still there and glistening with great luster. O how I love you my dear, dear soul. Memories unfold amidst the melancholy and serenity of times far behind and of those who no longer share this present now with us in mortal form. O how I love you my dear, dear soul and I’m so very happy to being sharing this now with you. All candles flicker and die. Still the light is never extinguished. O how I love you my dear………….

Unknown – Unseen

Unknown and Unseen I Walk With You

Unknown and unseen I walk by your side as you walk the great walk of walks. In lowly heart and weeping tears, unknown and unseen I walk by your side. Through valley deep and mountains high, unknown and unseen I walk by your side. Through torturing fire and ocean deep, unknown and unseen I walk by your side. Through famine and storm in cold and heat, unknown and unseen I walk by your side. When arrow hits and bullets and swords strike, unknown and unseen I walk by your side. In prison cell and swamp deep and amidst of your mortal travails, unknown and unseen I walk by your side……….

Choosing – Freedom

Ego And Soul Battle For; Death or Eternity

Are you happy dear soul? Are all your needs met? Is your mind stilled with peace and your heart overflowing with love? You see; you could be like all those you observe. The ones craving to be the centre of everyone’s and everything’s attention. You could operate at their level and loose yourself in absolute and utter dross. You could create a drama every moment of every day if you so choose to do so. You could seemingly choose to be a part of a big circle of that which makes no sense to your awareness. You could just loose yourself in any form of addiction if you so desired and surrender yourself to fatuous victimhood. You could and can choose to do all that and more it’s so very easy with only one complication. To be all the former states you would have to give up that within you that is awakened. Therein; sits

Let Go – To Gain All

Let Go, That You Might Gain All, Dear Soul

Ask he or she with experience to teach, ask the ones with only knowledge from books to stay silent unless you’re guided to search amidst that knowledge. That is the way, the truth and the life in love. Thereafter to be energised by and through love in every moment of every moment dear soul. First dear soul is the awakening, then are the realisations and then commences the great walk of walks. That is the journey of the sacred journey of soul. A process not a destination. Indeed alchemy in full flow. A letting go of the old man and woman to rebirth the new. However that letting go is systemic and unrelenting dear soul for much needs to fall. Much needs to be cleansed and much needs to be reforged through the fires of redemption and hammered into form upon the anvil of karmic dissolution and correction. A process through which the pilgrim is called to…………….

Holy Spirit – Loves

Adoration in Union, Come Holy Spirit Come

What truly is divine power? It is that which is ineffable love in flow. Whereupon the Holy Spirit descended upon Him in bodily form like a dove, and a voice came out of heaven, “You are My beloved Son, in You I am well-pleased.” ~ Luke 3:22 KJV. Such that when the body falls there is only soul, for there never was a body only soul in flow, that is the way, the truth and the life. That is why the search for union is so profoundly contemplative to the soul upon the sacred journey of soul. Seeking, searching, yearning to be whole again in the bosom of divinity is the soul upon the sacred journey of soul. Raptures and ecstasies no longer delight, distract and entrap as the pain of surrender engulfs through the measure of a perfected reception that welcomes and embraces the Holy Spirit. In humility, serenity and unequivocal adoration is the one upon the sacred journey of soul. The dance it dances in flights of angelic tone. The vista of the darkness quickens the quickening of the breath of life in………..

Eternity Calls – Soul

Fortitude, Courage and Love For Eternity

I’ve written at length through much of my feeble attempts to articulate the sheer scale and depths of despair and losses the a chosen one undergoes upon the sacred journey of soul. My writings have been low on froth and most attentive to the very real and true nature of the sacred journey of soul. For I have been called to walk that walk, cross and all across desert, swamp, valleys deep and mountains high. Much amidst shelters; barren, resources meagre and respite from persecution, disease and illness negligible. O yes only the strongest of soul can bow to its call the great sacred journey of soul and adhere to its unrelenting rigours. Only the most courageous of soul can look into the heart of their own darkness for a lifetime or more and survive such a torrid and torturous ordeal. Only the most loving of soul can let go of all the………..

Loving Souls – Love

Sun Rising, Son Setting, Love Calls of Soul

That which you are is that which you are and you are love born out of love. Still that which you choose is that which you choose and there truly is no getting away from that. But the choices you make are not always that which is the call of your soul. So be mindful. Be very mindful dear soul for that which is love is unmistakably love for that which is love is eternal. For love is the cosmic pulse manifesting as the breath of life. Indeed the grace of the almighty calling and drawing every soul into absolute exponential existence. Free will in flow. Resonant vibrations of light body energy harmonically or dissonantly creating symbiotic reality. Serving soul or serving self. Choice determined by…….

Unto – Illumination

Freeing From Slavery and Unto Illumination

When the seed case cracks open and the light begins to trickle back in. Senses are shaken, worlds begin to fall and the sacred journey of soul recommences again dear soul for that is the life, the truth and the way. The bindings and bondings of slavery they all begin to fall away. For they are not ropes, nor chains or contracts of many sorts. No slavery is a tool that has been used to disempower and at its root is the low vibrational weapon of choice for those who propagate fear. It’s not simply a construct of attacks upon ethnicity, skin tone, gender and religious dispositions. Albeit all have been targets in millenniums of aggravated assaults upon decency. No, fear is the tool used by all perpetrators of slavery and its a tool that draws implicitly upon mind and body control through overtly afflicting governance. Indeed a tool that………….

The Meaning – Of Life

What is Life and The Meaning of Life?

What is life? Well it could be a tick tock existence if there’s no awareness that tick tock is no way to live. Likewise life could be bliss if we were ascended masters but we’re not for at best we’re all simply saints in the making. So what is life for a soul based mortal? Short answer; life for a soul based mortal is absolute existence experiencing absolute existence through experience. Which in truth means absolutely nothing to the vast majority of soul based mortals. So then here’s an earth plane take on what life is. Life is a serious journey that shouldn’t be taken to seriously. For its merely the expression of choice which is dictated precisely by what each soul resonates with and thereafter where a soul desires to move to. For life as a soul based mortal in the greater part is….

Light From – Despair

An Ineffable Light Born Out of Despair

Tread lightly dear soul as you walk the walk of walks which is the; long walk back home to wholly, holy soul. For your time in the wilderness may not be forty days and forty nights, but forty years or indeed an entire life time. Therein; tread lightly, ever so lightly dear soul as you walk the walks of the long walk back home to holy soul. For there are a myriad of complex and seemingly paradoxical unfoldings, unfolding above and beyond mortal comprehension and that is soul in flow amidst a divinely orchestrated journey. A journey through many deep valleys filled with monsters of many sorts. Indeed a journey through, over and under many hurdles and obstacles made up of thousands of dead ends and locked doors. Booby traps and trap doors spring up from apparent thin air with no rhyme of reason. O yes such is the depths of

After Bodily – Death

What Happens After Bodily Death?

Living a life well as a mortal truly means spending a life pursuing; wisdom and goodness for the two come together and create love in abundance. Love of others, love of all things, a greater love that one would lay down their lives for others. Love that calls every soul to love, serve and evolve. Therein; there is no greed, maliciousness or self service in living a life well, for eyes and hearts are fixed firmly upon divinity and that yet to come. That is precisely why those who have awakened and who have chosen the sacred journey of soul. Know innately that wisdom, goodness and love are the way and that in living a life well in resonance with those states that…………

Wicked – Prosperity

Why Lord Do The Wicked So Prosper?

When one embarks upon the road of sorrows, indeed the purification journey and awakening to the sacred journey of soul. Much is the dismay that greets the pilgrim for not matter where they go always but always the wicked they appear to prosper. Effortlessly the wicked manifest lives of plenty, lives of great privilege and lives free from the travails of those upon the sacred journey. With hearts filled with hate the wicked like locust, they rape the land and enjoy destroying their soul brothers and sister. Care they not for the wellbeing of others for life to them is a feeding frenzy of self-service and self-gain. Vile in their attacks upon the most vulnerable, brutal are they towards those who they fear offer some form of threat. Ungodly in thought world and deed is their way. And from this vista of absolute………..

Crisis of – Faith

When Crisis of Faith Knocks On Your Door

This post is in dedication of John, may the love of God find you always and keep you safe always. Decades have I spent in the process of purification, saint I am not, desperate wretch I most certainly am. Round after round of immense purification have I undergone, saint I am not, desperate wretch I most assuredly am. Loss after loss I’ve endured with faith shattered and rebuilt so many times that I’ve lost count. A myriad of illnesses so debilitating, so complex and non recoverable only to culminate in a profoundly slow, and torturous soul transition, saint I am not, desperate wrench I most certainly am. Light followed by darkness interceded by episodes of insipid greyness, saint I am not, a wrench of a soul I most certainly am. Seeker, healer, seer, prayer, saint I am not, wretch of the highest order I most assuredly am. Screams of………

Harnessing – Love

Harnessing Love Amidst Great Suffering

In a mortal life filled with disappointment, filled with death, filled with loss, filled with illness, disease and suffering. Those who choose faith in eternity over the vanities of mortality are able to sustain, retain, maintain and feed their loving heart avoiding the bitterness of mortality which is all to common place. For they have chosen to let go and allow with eyes and hearts fixed firmly upon love. And they do so because they have come to know again what is true, what is real and that they are soul. For in all that we are as mortal. Nowt of this world is real. Not the losses, not the illnesses, not the diseases, not the deaths, not the suffering. None of that is real. You’re wrong the one in separation screams and with great annoyance and anger too. My baby died, I’m in agony, I’ve lost everything. It is real………..

Low Vibration – States

How Do You Love Low Vibrational States?

How do you know when you’re in the presence of a low vibrational state? Perhaps there’s a chill around you as you enter a given space or look upon that which is before you. Perhaps your heart is angry and your mind is filled with dissonance and hate for that surely can lower ones vibrational state drastically. Perhaps you have a neighbour who always knows when the next soap is on tv. But who can never remember to take out their bin or bring it back in and who would certainly never take your bin out or bring your bin back in. A neighbour who seems oblivious of the joy in serving their fellow man and who thinks the whole world revolves around them. A neighbour who can hang their washing out even when it’s raining and leave it out there on the line for days. As if they have a different

God Hides – His Face

Why Does God Hide His Face ?

Every soul upon the sacred journey of soul has wrestled with questions of a profoundly moving and tormenting nature. Questions as thus; why are you doing this to me? When will this end? Why have you taken my baby, my father, my mother, my sister, my brother, my husband, my wife, my friend, my job, my home, my finances. Every soul upon the sacred journey of soul knows the depths of such grievous lament. Some in the silence of God take those questions and turn them into bitterness and a darkened heart. Others turn to them into avoidance and a numbing of the senses by many mechanisms. Whilst still others, those who love God profoundly go deeper and call out from the pits of their despair. Where are you Lord, why are you hiding your face? Those are the calls of lament upon the sacred journey of soul where

Soul Groans – Rebirth

Every Soul Groans as Love is Reborn

To love as I have always been loved brings tears to my eyes, to have sinned as I have always sinned bows my head and pains my heart. To pray as I have prayed and the silence it has been deafening. That is the soul in rising. That is the soul in rising, yet mourning. That is the sacred journey of soul. From separation unto union, from the abyss unto the crystal palace, from sorrow unto joy. That is the divinely…………

Embodying – Love

Embodying The Light and Love of Yeshua

When the son of man Yeshua sat with his followers for the last time as a mortal he both humbled himself in washing their feet and was at pain and laboured through great allegory to explain how things would unfold and how they must embody him completely. A key aspect of that was his teaching by action of the eucharist in essence the allegory of absolute embodiment of love, light and truth. Through which in said; “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you. Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. For My flesh is food indeed, and My blood is drink indeed. He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him. As the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so he who feeds on Me will live because of Me.” ~ John 6:53-57 KJV. He did not say all that and then add the caveat do this in remembrance of me unless

Loving – Hearts

Loving Hearts Expand as Mammon Falls

The lies that inculcated billions over millenniums are falling away. The draconian social structures that imprisoned, impoverished and diminished the horizons of billions are likewise falling away. As the spark of life no longer splutters and groans but burns brightly and glows deep within more every day. All is falling away, yes the old ways, the old man and the old woman are falling away. The truth will be known and that’s not my truth, your truth, their truth or any other form of silo-mental truth. It’s the truth of truths and that truth is; love is the way, not self, but selflessness is the way of soul. Two thousand years it’s taken for the message of love is freedom to wind its way through the satanic cobbled streets and structures of innate patriarchal insanity. Two thousand years of satanic cliques deceiving the masses and withholding sacred texts and destroying much that was brought forward to empower all. Yes all is falling away and that is the call, a call to awaken and let go of all that is not love…..

Love In – Flow

The Power of Love is Love in Flow

As we approach the setting of our sun and the pains of mortality at times they almost crush us. It’s both good and kind to remind ourselves as the self-doubt and crisis of faith often times assails our once and in stronger days unquenchable trust in the lord. That we are soul, that we are love and that we are eternal. Now let me be very clear here for as one who has suffered greatly over many decades. I’m no cliche merchant and I know only to well that it’s not always easy to maintain a state of grace as the vagaries of mortality swamp our tiny boat of perceptional distortions. Indeed inherited, programmed and often times manufactured delusions and distortions that underwrite our psyche. But it can and most be done for that is the way of loving all in soul. Indeed that is……….

Walk With – Me

Will You Walk With Me, For; I Am The Light

The sacred journey of soul calls deep within to purge that which is not God. To repent and to pray and to emulate the teachings of the son of man. A walk through sorrow and into a living and breathing and loving walk in faith alone. Such was my call that I now politely ask. Will you weep with me for the ways of men who know not that they are souls? Will you weep with me for the souls of men who defile and refuse to believe in the lord? Will you weep with me as my lord wept for you in his time amongst men? Will you weep with me as my lord weeps for you, today, tomorrow and until you return back to his fold? Will you see and aid the one who is suffering as my lord saw and aided all whom crossed his path in his time amongst men? Will you go without that others may rest as my lord taught those of his day not by rhetoric but by example? Will you weep with me in tones of love for the folly and frailties of mortal man as my lord did amidst the throngs of his day? Will you carry your cross not with bitterness but serenity as my lord did on that day of shame when the hypocrites they brutalised him? Will you rise from your ashes and hold true to his teachings as he lead the way? Will seek with me to love, serve and seek heaven within? Will you walk that walk? Could you walk that walk?

Be Soul – Be Love

Be Soul, Be Love in Each Breath of Life

To be love in every moment of your sacred journey of soul is to live in each inhale and each exhale of God in flow and know that all is well for you are soul. No matter what the clay vessel speaks, no matter when the clay vessel cracks and leaks. To be love is to live in each inhale and each exhale of God in flow and know that all is well for you are soul. No matter when the clay vessel shatters and is no more. To be love is to live in each inhale and each exhale of God in flow and know that all is well for you are soul. To smile when your heart is breaking and your fractal mind screams no more, no more. To be love is to live in each inhale and each exhale of God in flow and know that all is well for you are soul. When worlds fall and all appears lost. To be love is to live in each inhale and each exhale of God in flow and know that all is well for you are soul. That is the purpose of your sacred journey of soul dear soul. To be love and to live in each inhale and each exhale of God in flow and know that all is well for you are soul………..

False – Prophets

Beware Aware of False Prophets Dear Soul

In this our often perplexing mobile world of almost petrified inertia. A new world order and a transitioning world view with all its rebirthing flaws and infantile sensibilities is unfolding and groaning in the birthing pool of mammon and all before each soul currently incarnate. A world where decency, accountability and the building of meaningful relationships has been replaced by incessant and incestuous self-gratification and self-validation at the expense of living a life well. A world of entitlement without pure understanding, or honour and sensitivity to the needs of others is common place. A world where self-proclaimed gurus arise daily from the white noise of their keyboard. Many with no real experiential knowledge of anything save that they must be the centre of everyone’s attention. Yet all claiming to have the answers to…………

Heaven On – Earth

Embody Heaven on Earth Dear Soul

The key point of this post is simply this. It is the desire of soul to create and embody heaven on earth, it’s not about escaping and going somewhere but being present. The temporal can easily be overcome, overwhelmed and consigned to the ignominy of quick or slow painful death. That is being wide of the mark, to become lost in delusion, in hate and all manner of temporal fixations. Not so for soul, for the soul is the very embodiment of the trinity and Hashem expressing absolute experience in each and every moment of absolute expression. That is what the son of man taught so very clearly. His crucifixion the very act of temporal delusions acting out wide of the mark, yet his love and loving act of selfless surrender defeated all delusions, for in his resurrection nowt would ever be the same again. That is the journey of all souls who have answered the cosmic call of love and in doing so creating heaven on earth through love and service. For nowt is new under the sun…….

Absolute – Existence

I Believe in Absolute Existence

Yes it’s true, I do not believe in God, the cruel monster with a white beard sitting upon a golden thrown shouting you must love me for I am your father and I love you. That’s the preserve of religious and satanic inculcations and the propagation of low vibrational soul stagnation designed simply as a mind control weapon that lowers horizons and shuts down ones heart and brow. It’s not love, never was love and couldn’t ever possibly be so. For love……….

Things Of – Heaven

Meditate Upon the Things of Heaven

Can you, could you sit in absolute chaos and be still, holding the space dear soul, not just for yourself but for all souls? When finances, chronic disease and poverty overcome and threaten to consume you. Can you, could you hold the space and be still dear soul? Can you, could you look lovingly upon the evil one and the wicked one when your mortal reserves are low and they revel in hurting you dear soul? Can you, could you sit amidst your own personal and the collective armageddon and feel nowt but the glory of divinity deep within you dear soul? Can you, could you crawl in bleeding repose along the road of bones with………..

A Life – Lived Well

What is Life Lived Well Dear Soul?

As I approach the end of this my current incarnation I’m frequently asked and indeed ask myself frequently just what is a life lived well and have I lived my life well? In truth there is a very easy answer to that and the answer is to have loved unconditionally and to have sort to evolve as soul is a life lived well. Easy to do yes when the soul is active. Impossible when the soul is locked in the separation of deep sleep. How so? Well when the soul is active the mortal will live a life of soul in service on many levels and they will have in the greater part changed many lives for the better. That is a life lived well. But if the soul is…………

One With – No Fear

In The Presence of One With No Fear

Perhaps the most horrendous aspect of any pilgrims journey is engaging in the necessary polarity balancing within which in doing so creates the third and higher state. A process that requires descent into the detritus of that which one is and thereafter the subsequent acknowledgement of the healing grace in such shadow work. Easy? Not at all and as such; much spiritual bypassing is the result. Still if one is prepared to be wholly consumed by the purification of that which is putrefied. Holy realignment is the guarantee. But dancing with that………..

Do You – Feel Love

Do You Feel The Love Dear Soul?

Do you feel the love within your broken heart dear soul when you look upon the one who is lost, addicted, homeless, dying, sick, emotionally struggling and alone amongst the throng and white noise of dissonance? Do you feel the love within your broken heart dear soul when the music, the fragrance, the sounds and vistas touch your soul deep, deep and even deeper within? Do you feel the love within your broken heart dear soul when the memories of times past flood your senses and stir the joys and wounds of your soul before your streaming and tear filled eyes? Do you…….

Conviction Of – Spirit

Conviction of the Holy Spirit

My father was a fragile weak man who felt no need to help or harm or love anyone. My mother was a weak woman saddened and broken by trauma she allowed that to putrefy my early life whilst in the greater part empowering my abusers he and she free-range over all that is precious. A journey that thus; facilitated my latter purification. Hard and ongoing though it was, is and has been. Still; anger I have little, sense of betrayal yes albeit diminishing by the decade. Sadness? Yes much, but not for myself. Sadness only for the ones…………

Love Thy – Love

Has Thou Known Love Dear Soul

Has thy heart felt the depths of thy love dear soul? That which rips, shreds, burns, inspires and shatters thy heart into shards before thine eyes. Has thou felt the implosion of utter desolation that only the passing and grieving in love can bring? Has thou felt love recklessly bestow upon every aspect of thy being, that which is above thy senses? Has thou walked the streets, lanes, battlefields and war zones and thine eyes bled from they heart as thou looks out upon that which is lost, that which is broken and that which is not within the bosom of thy wailing and deeply purifying and nurturing love?

Peace Is – In Soul

Peace is, When; Soul Transforms Soul

Without illumination, we none of us truly know who we are or what we can be for we are dropped into families and societies and are inculcated from birth with all manner of nonsense. Exploitation is rife, as is abuse and the obscenity of lies that lowers the heart and bows the brow. Lives and pure potentiality destroyed most before they’ve even begun. All through lack of understanding that empowers and sets a soul free. Yet we are so much more than these vessels of puss that cause us so much suffering. We are soul and exponential potential……….

Let It – All Go

Much Ado About Nothing, Let it All Go

There are no free passages or easy rides upon the sacred journey of soul, harsh are it’s lessons, much are the losses. Fortitude is needed as is the rising and setting of the sun. Long are the days, short are the reprieves. Great are the sufferings eclipsed only by the despairs. How you may ask does the mortal endure such things? Well the truth is this is not about the world of mortality, this journey it’s all deeply, deeply soul. Indeed a works that is orchestrated, driven and supported by the Lord. Therein; long are the decades and perhaps even life times of faith being tested beyond breaking.

Love The – Unlovable

To Love The Unlovable, Requires Soul Work

For; to love that which is sickening and utterly obnoxious and stirs up much deep within is most repugnant and a paradoxically counterintuitive concept. Yet interestingly it is a most wondrous and generous soul generated invitation to go deep deep within looking for that which needs to be healed. That dear soul is an aspect of the great journey of soul. To master the process of being able to sit and hold the space with no judgement of that which is an external reflection.……..

The Bones – Groan

The Bones Creak and the Bones Groan

When you’ve walked long enough along the road of bones little soul. Nowt will and can ever frighten or startle you again. Nothing tests the resolve for the ways of ants of men are as predictably unpredictable as they’ve sadly always been. Indeed stagnant and putrefying appears to be the hearts of all ants of men. Still the days and nights they come and they go with an orderly rhythmic pulse. And the matters of ants of men have no resonance with the seeker and so sublimely fall away.

Your – Fragrance

The Fragrance of Your Walk

When the warming sun bids way to the darkening of the light as it must such is the way? What will you remember of me little soul? Will you remember my smile, my stature and the way I greeted the dawn? What will you remember of me little soul when the breath of life has taken its leave and returned back home to glory. Will you remember my candour, my humour or my gentle warrior balm?

Please No – Cliches

If You Can’t Be Love, Please Don’t Offer Cliches

Such is the way on the sacred journey of soul that the initiate and the one amidst great suffering is frequently targeted by the; sanctimonious Pharisee. The morally bankrupt hypocrite and the fool who knows not that he or she is a fool. Spouting low vibrational nonsense such as; your faith isn’t strong enough, you’re choosing to suffer or perhaps the most obscene of them all don’t worry it’s all going to alright in the end. Each one of those and all absolute truth from the mouth of one who truly knows experientially.

How Long – To Wait

How Long Must I Wait, How Long?

With eyes reddened and stomach churning she looked at me and asked; “how long must I suffer this Fin, why does the lord not hear my prayers?” I smiled and holding her hand tenderly replied; “dear soul there is not a soul on the sacred journey of soul that has not cried out in despair how long, how long must I wait et al.,? and yet none but the lord knows the answer.” O I know that place, that torturing and torturous place of Psalm 13 of 38 KJV etc, etc, etc.

Beware Of – Falsity

Beware of False Prophets Dear Soul

Indeed that place and state of absolute being where truth and delusional illusions are shown up for what they are and who they serve. For all things and everything are either love in action or love in distortion. Indeed the breath of life in divine energetic flow albeit with; completely differing outcomes. Therein; “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.” ~ Matthew 7:15 KJV.

Service Of – God

Choosing to be in Service of God

I asked him again, why are you so angry, if you don’t want to help, don’t help. He replied; “it just feels like I have no life, people seem to ask me all the time to do things for them, but no one ever does anything for me.” I smiled for I knew then whom I was dealing with. For I have walked in those shoes. Indeed the shoes of bitterness, the shoes of victimhood and the shoes of the one who holds grudges. Yes that was a very harsh and harrowing journey when I walked through life in those heavy, sticky, damning and blasphemous shoes. That was until

So We All – Reap

What We Sow, So Shall We Reap

She replied; “O I just walk by the homeless” those who may be sitting disconsolate and lost in this cruel world of duality. Still and when questioned further she replied with a self righteous smirk on her face; “O I don’t believe in God” for divine providence has not touched her soul, albeit not yet, but it will. Likewise he the greedy, mean and vindictive one does not believe in God and he delights in mocking those who do believe and who commit regularly to pray.

Be Still – And Know

Be Still and Know That I Am God

Will you sit with me for a while dear soul, for I have much to explore and much to enquire. Come sit if you will for you are well known to the one who knows all things. Sit if you will and be still if you will O little soul of many triumphs yet to come. Be still if you will little soul yes be still if you will. Be still and know that I am God. For amidst this stillness you will hear my still small voice. Gentle and kind, compassionate and loving.

Hast Thou – No Scar

Hast Thou No Scar?

So you ask again dear soul when will I be well? When will I be free? When will God answer my prayers. Please, please tell me, for I am weary. A smile, a gentle inner rebuke, a sigh and then a smile that says it all in flights of untold loving truths.

Walking In – Faith

Walking in Faith Alone and Trusting

Do you know anyone dear soul who has walked in faith alone, not for a day, a week, a month, a year but for an entire life time. Tell me have you met such a soul? If not that’s hardly surprising for they are the least likely to rage about their utterly ravaged state of existence or indeed to run to centre stage to bleat about their woes. Choosing instead humility over self-obsessing obscenity. If you have met such a soul how do they make you feel?

Letting Go – To Gain

Letting Go to Gain So Much More

You’re not of this petty little world of the it, that and this. So let go of fear you’re safe and love with all aspects of your being. Therein and thereafter creating heaven here on earth. Be the light of this world and bring your brothers and sister into your light through serving and loving them and serving and loving them some more. For the call of soul is greater than; it, that and this et al., for the call of soul is to; “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” ~ Isaiah 60:1 KJV.

The Loving – Heart

The Loving Heart That Surrenders

Where do you go to dear reader when the abuse is beyond your endurance? Do you go into anger, hate or self-harm? Where do you go to dear reader when the loss is so great that it crushes you beyond mortal understanding? Do you go deep into bitterness, shame, guilt and despair and much, much more? Where do you go to dear reader when the disease is incurable and the pain is simply insufferable? Do you go quickly into blasphemy, rage, depression and hopelessness with your faith shaken to its core? Well let me tell you before you answer those questions that I’ve been to and lived in all those places and many more and believe me the stench in those places is not good for ones soul.

How I – Serve

An Insight into How I Serve – Fin

Theres a contact form on this page should you wish to contact me but in the interim period. What is true service? “He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool; shun him. He who knows not, and knows that he knows not, is a student; Teach him. He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep; Wake him. He who knows, and knows that he knows, is Wise; Follow him.” ~ Arabian

Your Legacy – Soul

What Will be Your Legacy Soul?

When the rhythm of heart ceases and the breath of life returns home, what will be your legacy dear soul? Will it be hate, will it be love, will it be stagnation or exponential potentials? Will you leave behind a battlefield of broken hearts and broken mortals? Or will you leave behind a glorious landscale of empowered, inspired and empowering souls committed to sacred soul service? Just what sort of legacy will you leave behind you dear soul? Because believe it or not your legacy does truly matter.

Walk Of – The Seeker

The Loving Walk of All Seekers

All merely soundbites, the product of unhealthy inner dissonance within others who chose and who choose not to address them, for few are prepared to do the shadow work of absolute liberation from separation.

He Lived – To Serve

He Lived to Save and Serve All

Truly come to know that love is our only reason for being and that; “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” ~ Isaiah 43:2 KJV

Service And – Serving

Submitting To Service and Serving

For the greatest service of soul is to become humble yes humble and free of egocentric insanities and attachment to outcomes for; “Whosoever will be chief among you let him be your servant, even as the Son of Man came to serve.” ~ Matthew 20:27-28

Fin In – The Mysteries

Fin and The Mystery of Mysticism

And it was known then that a great soul healing had truly taken place, with many soul contracts ended, many soul fragments healed and much love and light for future generations to harness, share and most certainly look forward to.

Journey Of – Soul

Committing to The Journey of Soul

He who hath the son has life, he who lives in the temple of solo-mono knows that energy is light, that energy is life and that electricity and magnetism are but all of the soul and yet not nearly enough, for love is the divinity of soul in motion. That being so; I walked these lands

I Carry – My Scars

I Carry Scars of the Cross

The light of love that transcends time and space that is the eternal dance of life. A state where the demons roar and the soul feels abandoned and all alone until that is the earth, water, fire, air and spirit have completed their merry; merciless works of sanctification. All is left bare yet burnished gold remains, the annihilation complete, so the sacred journey infolds and unfolds no more.

Reasons – Seasons

A Reason and Season for all Things

the holy tears they flow with immense reverence in compassionate reverie for that; beyond all our mortal understanding. Now that dear soul is when you know that the hard works of suffering are falling away for it is that point when momento mori brings all things unto absolute inner knowing through balance. For the soul truly knows that it is not of this world and that;

The Light – Enters

When the Light Enters

The new man and woman are born from the tortured and torturous ashes of the old life, the old order and all of the redundant old ways and so the sacred soul journey recommences anew, Sempre Avanti, forward, always forward soul.

Measure Of – Love

The measure of love without expectations.

Just so you know dear soul as you’re perhaps preparing to read on. This is most certainly not a religious site. Although I do spend much of my time in deep contemplation, meditation and inner prayer the result of my formative years and my sacred soul pilgrims journey studying many religions and many spiritual modalities. Saint I am not, fallible mortal I certainly am but with an eye focused upon a greater prize than mortality. That said; I’ve placed some support links in the body text dear reader to help you navigate your own inner quest in building greater humility. Some links practical assimilations of my kismet journey, others mystical stories that derive from said journey. So then you may ask;