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Healing Soul – In Soul

Are You Looking For Guidance Dear Soul?

Mortality is not an easy ride and I know that through experience. Thats why I offer seeking souls free life lesson guidance and support. You see; because of my journey I’m able to offer a wide range of support services for those facing up to mortal death, grief, transitioning, letting go and pre and post bereavement. I also offer free personal development and spiritual guidance as well as self help and wellness and career guidance. That said; I also support seasoned and budding entrepreneurs and philanthropists with their strategic and operational undertakings et al. Yes I cover many areas such has been my current life experiences and whilst I serve freely..…………

The Light – Of Love

Let The Light You Are Shine Resplendent

I am love, I am love, I am that, I am. Yes. I am love, I am love, I am that, I am. Really is the enquiry that roars with angst from deep within? Yes I am love, I am love, I am that, I am. Well replys the angst laden querent if I am love why am I so angry, so frightened, so bitter, so untruthful, so perverted, so greedy, so nasty, so lazy, so boastful, so ugly, so horrible, so fat, so thin, so tall, so short are the questions that arise deep within. If I am love why am I all the former and more roars the querent deep within? Does all that sound strange dear reader? No because it’s clear……..

Cosmic – Phoenix

When Cosmic Worlds Fall, Light is Reborn

Embracing the cosmic phoenix is a rite of passage for all upon the sacred journey of soul. For when the work has been done and the ascent of mount carmel has been realised. So the rising of the cosmic pheonix sits resplendent in the energy of the anointed one. That very point upon the sacred journey of soul where death and fear of death are dissolved forever. Indeed that very point when the anointed one can welcome and sit with all emotions, all feelings and all distortions and lovingly let them go. Therein; the birthing of spirit in soul through…………..

Language Of – Love

The Language of Love is The Language of Soul

The language of love is not a romantic notion or gesture, nor is it conditional upon a favourable response. For from such limitations are not the active and passion expressions of the language of love. You see; the language of love is a universal law and as a universal law it is irrevocable. Such that as we love, so is the love we receive. So be kind, be compassionate and know that you are the creator of all that you are……………..

Reclaim Your – Peace

Its is Your Rite to Reclaim Your Inner Peace

You know much energy is lost in the lowly plane by awakening souls trying desperately to comply with and fit into complete and utter nonsense. Difficult and emotionally stifled parents, disagreeable siblings, codependent relationships, narcissists et al., and of course educational and overt inculcation systems designed to stifle the light and empower innate darkness. No wonder then that the awakening soul doesn’t know who they are, can’t seem to prosper in the world and above all things feel like they are from another planet. Still all that is simply the cracking of the seed. A divinely orchestrated growth spurt that calls the awakening soul to reevaluate and align wholly holy with their innate authenticity. That is the………..

Crisis of – Identity

Embracing The Blessings in Identity Crisis

It is truly so that you, I, we are not the identity that was imposed upon us, for we are so much more than the turgid nature of our mortal straightjackets. Still will assume our identities for that is the way and we carry on as thus until that is the seed of light reawakens again. Thereafter we begin to feel as if we don’t exist. People just don’t seem to see us, they don’t acknowledge that we have rights and rites and needs and desires too. Indeed and as that awakening picks up momentum it seems to the awakening one that all that they are is some one to use and abuse and implored to be something that doesn’t resonate with them. Thereafter a state of deeper realisation is born within and in that state it becomes self evident that…..

Be Your – Own Hero

Be Your Own Hero Dear Soul, Be Your Love

Many decades ago I sat amongst my fast asleep inculcators in a state of immense and utter despair and I stated there must be more to life than this. It can’t just be about coming down here, working, sleeping, getting married, having children and then dying. The response I received was no better than it could be for I was slapped and ridiculed endlessly and without mercy I would add. Still that was the call of my soul. The timeless call that sits as seed within every soul awaiting the timing of divine orchestration. Thereafter the hero is born. The one who embarks upon and walks through darkness alone and often times forlorn. Now mortal man has no control over that journey for that is a journey written amongst the stars. But you will know the mortal man and the mortal wo-man dear mortal who embarked upon their heroes journey and who…….

Chemistry – Alchemy

As Chemist and Alchemist, Be You; Love

When one comes to understand and embrace the truth that they are soul, so magic unfolds and manifestation truly understood. For when comes to know the order of chemistry so they truly know how to feed and heal and restore their clay vessel. Still further when one comes to understand the order of alchemy so the cosmos is healed and restored unto sublime order. That is the sacred journey of soul dear soul, sun rise to son set. Indeed the alchemy of letting go of distortion and embracing divine truth. A state of be-ing that is all things, everything and no-thing amidst pure awareness. So become the chemist and alchemist of your life dear so and in doing so lifts the hearts and minds of all whom you would meet. Be and bring about……….

Mirror – Mirror

Sowing Seeds of Light, Like You Dear Soul

When we change the reflection we see in the mirrors of our outer world by actualised transmutation of dissonance in our inner world. Magical realities are born and reborn continually dear soul. That is self-alchemy indeed the journey of letting go of that which is unreal and simply patterns of dissonance. That is the point when joy and peace are actualised. That is the point upon ones inner journey where health issues are replaced by actualised wellness, clarity and deep inner knowing. That is the point when that which was and that which was not are seen for what they were, yet could never truly be. That dear soul is………

I Am – Grateful

I Am Grateful, Ever So Grateful, Dear Lord

This post was compiled to articulate my immense gratitude for this sacred journey of soul and to seek to honour that daily in thought, word and deed. Therein; I am grateful to all those who hated and abused me. I am grateful to my God for always loving me. I am grateful to the hand few souls who loved and helped me. I am grateful for the ever changing seasons and the cycles of life and death. I am grateful for my shower in the morning and the songs of the sparrows and doves that serenade my always. I am grateful for my warming and contemplative tea that lifts my spirit no matter what is……..

Godly – And Ungodly

All That is Godly is Holy, All That is Not is Not

This post was written in recognition of my gratitude towards my entire birth family, and in particular my siblings and all those who helped me through their hatred and abuse to find and love my Lord God more and more as my journey unfolded. For what they meant for my harm, God used for my good and his glory. This gratitude that arises deep from within my entire being is not about forgiveness or forgetting. For; such gratitude is born out of transcendence of that which is wholly unholy and transforming all of its interwoven energies into that which is truly; wholly holy. That dear soul is the innate blessing that awaits all who would willingly awaken to the eternal loving call of spirit in soul. Indeed the reactivation of the divine spark of God within. That said dear soul; all souls incarnate from light and therein carry an innate divine spark albeit not all divine sparks are divinely inclined. You see dear soul; circumstances, life challenges, individual, group and lineage karma and dharma all play out in every sacred journey of soul. Yet it is free will that decides how things will ultimately unfold. You see; the one born into abuse has a choice before them. Do I heal my abuse and rise above its scars serving others who may be struggling with their own abuse? Or do I become an abuser and create my own death trail of victims of abuse? Likewise any and every situation that one may incarnate into carries with it opportunities to flow, to grow, to evolve or to stagnate. Indeed opportunities to…………….

Truly – Holy Love

Truly Holy Love is The Spark of Eternal Life

Many will you meet dear soul who claim to love and yet observation will indicate they’ve spent their entire mortal life passage in a state of unreconcilable hate. If you don’t agree with them they will hate you. If you attempt to teach them they will hate you. If you touch the fragility of their ego they will hate, slander and attack you. If your very being disturbs them enough they will hate you for no apparent reason. But the holy truth is that hate is simply love in distortion, nothing more, nothing less. You see; the fundamentalist murders for love of their beliefs et al. Therein; hate is simply love in distortion. Yet it is that distortion which so aggressively blocks the sacred journey of soul. That is precisely why so very few……………