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Spiritual – Bypassing

“momenta aeternae animae – lahazat alruwh al’abadia – רגעים נצחיים של נשמה – is the sacred journey of all souls.” ~ Mystical Prayers

“Love is Your Innate State of Being, Dear Soul.” ~ Mystical Prayers

Dear reader and seeker you may share the articles from this blog freely. But please don’t reproduce this body of works or indeed lower your innate soul state by plagiarising this work for you are greater than such an act. That being said; should you require further one to one coaching and guidance upon your current soul journey you can contact me by clicking here. In closing this paragraph should you wish to purchase any of my self help books in paperback or ebook formate simply click here. Please note this is not a religious blog albeit I’ve lovingly embed translated aramaic quotes because when we truly understand the power of divinity in flow. Truly; God is, I am, we are so.

Coming to ones vibrational attunement and out of ones senses is a mighty gradient of unlearning that all upon the sacred journey of soul have to climb. Indeed an overcoming of and transmuting of falsity that can then be rebirthed into innate and visceral wisdom. Therein; not to rise to that challenge is merely repudiation and as is; repudiation is simply the bypassing of that which challenges. The fallout of which is consciously enabling dissonant energy to continue to block the flow of love in flow. Now much and many pilgrims upon the sacred journey of soul falter and fall as their gradients of senses dissolution takes its toll. For the unyielding climb tests all pilgrims to the very depths of their resolve. Thereafter somber is the heart and quick are the many who dive into spiritual bypassing upon the sacred journey of soul. Indeed many who simply opt out of the great works and opt in to the overtly self-limiting reality of dissolution bypassing. All for a false calmness that brings neither peace nor true freedom. Nevertheless bypassing does ”still” for at least a short while the chatterings of an unrealised and utterly possessed ego. And yet the truth is its not effort that is required during the grotesquely intense process of dissolution. For surrender is the way not resistance or abstinence. Not fear avoidance, nor self flagellation which helps not in any way save to slow the process down. Only unequivocally true surrender bolstered through evolving courage is the way through that which seems to be a truly mortifying living hell. Yes surrender, bolstered by courage, bathed in faith, hope and charity is truly the only way. For; to sublimate all soul impurity requires an audaciously orchestrated journey of soul through many valleys of absolute delusion and that further requires sound mettle of the purifying soul. Truly that is the majestically cabalistic path and way of robustly instigating and propagating the process of transforming ones base metal of soul back into pure gold. Indeed a truly divine process through which rhythmic alignment is re-established deep within soul. In essence a letting go and coming together that creates the wholly, holy new man and new woman embodied with unconditional love. All culminating with the recreation of divinity in flow in each spark of every rhythmic moment. Agape enshrined within the holy breath of life. A state of innate being and holy light that is seen in the eyes and heart of every weary soul upon this difficult dissonance freeing crusade. Indeed hallowed and vibrant spirit in soul consciousness bathed in the blessing of truly balanced and loving freedom. Whereupon heavens open, worlds fall, creativity flows, art and writing and healing and just being is the way, the truth and the life. Holy spirit in soul rhythmically aligned, vibrationally balanced, singing and dancing the song and dance of life. Poetry in active and passive motion, love unabated and eloquently uplifting. Soul to soul in vibrational alignment with wholly, holy divinity. That is the prize awaiting the endeavours of all truly courageous souls. Indeed spirit reborn of soul, rebirthing spirit in soul consciousness. Now why would some pilgrim souls choose to bypass the glory from upon high that is clearly awaiting them? Whilst others seemingly forge ahead regardless of their travails. The answer is simple dear soul. Its all in the divine timing and rhythmic vibrational alignment of all aspects of soul. In essence; absolute spiritual attunement not in and of mortal will, but in and of the will of God. And all because the sacred journey of soul is a journey of passive and active heart expansion through the divine feminine embodied within the focus and deconstructing rationality of the divine masculine. For in truth neither an active or passive divine feminine nor an active or passive divine masculine by themselves can sublimate that which must be sublimated. There must be absolute balance between the two. That is the sacred and holy embodiment of the temple of Solomon i.e. Solo-Mono. With the divine masculine sun harmonically balanced with an equally harmonically balanced divine feminine moon. You see; this is a wholly and cosmically preordained process of alchemy of soul in absolute loving flow. In truth God facilitating divine reunification of all that was once fractured and dissonant. That is the power of irrevocable cosmic law and divinity in flow dear soul. Indeed a timeless spirit in soul journey that is ineffable and outside of all of the constraints and considerations of the minds of men. For this is a transfiguration journey of heart in soul, longing for absorption of what it truly is to be spirit in soul. Indeed a continuum of eternal love that pulls and draws every soul so; “Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” ~ Matthew 26:41 KJV.

In Corpus Christī, Blessing and Prayers I Send All Souls. Make Everyday a Celebration of Living in Absolute Balance.

“In Harmonic Balance, Feminine and Masculine Create The Holy Soul.” ~ Mystical Prayers

Many desire fame, many desire power, many desire wealth, many desire followers. I desire that every soul be free, every soul be safe, every soul be secure, every soul be healthy and happy and I achieve that through mystical prayer, for I am that, I am. Therein; claim that state too dear soul by becoming “I am that, I am”. Indeed power unlimted expressing the golden rule and manifesting the reality you desire there to be.

“Loving God, Serving Soul, Come, Come Holy Spirit Enlighten Me.” ~ Mystical Prayers


Published by mysticalprayers

I write from soul, in soul, for all animate souls, for that is the way, the truth and the life. Seeking to empower all seeking souls through self knowing, self actualisation, and self realisation that’s I Fin @ Mystical Prayers. Serving freely soul to soul, dear soul🙏

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