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Conviction Of – Spirit

“momenta aeternae animae – lahazat alruwh al’abadia – רגעים נצחיים של נשמה – is the sacred journey of all souls.” ~ Mystical Prayers

“Love is Your Innate State of Being, Dear Soul.” ~ Mystical Prayers

Dear reader and seeker you may share the articles from this blog freely. But please don’t reproduce this body of works or indeed lower your innate soul state by plagiarising this work for you are greater than such an act. That being said; should you require further one to one coaching and guidance upon your current soul journey you can contact me by clicking here. In closing this paragraph should you wish to purchase any of my self help books in paperback or ebook formate simply click here. Please note this is not a religious blog albeit I’ve lovingly embed translated aramaic quotes because when we truly understand the power of divinity in flow. Truly; God is, I am, we are so.

My birth father was a fragile weak man who felt no inner draw or desire to help or harm or love anyone, yet I loved and love him. My birth mother likewise a weak woman saddened, lost and broken by trauma. She allowed her state to putrefy my early and latter life whilst in the greater part empowering my abusers he and she free-range over all that is precious, yet I loved and love her and love them too. A journey that facilitated innate soul purification. Hard and ongoing though it was, is and has been. Still; anger I have little, sense of betrayal yes albeit diminishing by the decade. Sadness? Yes much, but not for myself. Sadness only for the ones who could not love, could not hold and could not be present despite all my love and care of and for them. Yes I have much sadness for the ones who chose not to walk the walk that soul innately chooses to walk. Sadness for those who chose to hate and not be loving, trusty and steadfast companions. Sadness that they could not see that which could be seen and heard. Sadness that they will bid farewell to this their current incarnation knowing not who they are or what they’ve chosen to be. Therein not holding the slightest insight into the futures they’ve foolishly created for themselves. That truly saddens. Whilst I, yet I stand convicted by the Holy Spirit in all my accepting brokenness, eager to be whole, longing to be peace. Heart broken wide in utter despair of my lowliness and ripped to shreds in the depths of my grisly sin and wickedness. A head bowed in great humility and yet serenity too. I by grace, by compassion, by the light within. Stand before all in my garb of nakedness. Prig I am not, saint far from it. Bludgeoned by love, barely able to be that which I so dearly, dearly crave. Steadfast in my bewilderment of that which is and that which isn’t and that which never was. Come Holy Spirit, come do thy will. For in my whimpering groans of this I am most sure that; better is my soul for this journey than should I have refused to accept this soul toil. Still; weary and broken amidst the loss and the gain and so much more. Head bowed and lowly, with knees grazed and badly bruised. I call out in wails that pierce all aspects of the very essence of the ineffable yearnings of soul. “Veni Sancte Spiritus guide me, uplift me from all that I am, that I should be reborn of spirit. That I should be wholly holy in my love and sin no more, nor lament as I do.” For; “verily, verily, I say unto you, That ye shall weep and lament, but the world shall rejoice: and ye shall be sorrowful, but your sorrow shall be turned into joy.” ~ John 16:20 KJV.

In Corpus Christī, Blessing and Prayers I Send All Souls. Make Everyday a Celebration of Your Faith in Eternity.

“When the fire of the spirit burns, soul is reborn.” ~ Mystical Prayers

Many desire fame, many desire power, many desire wealth, many desire followers. I desire that every soul be free, every soul be safe, every soul be secure, every soul be healthy and happy and I achieve that through mystical prayer, for I am that, I am. Therein; claim that state too dear soul by becoming “I am that, I am”. Indeed power unlimted expressing the golden rule and manifesting the reality you desire there to be.

“Loving God, Serving Soul, Come, Come Holy Spirit Enlighten Me.” ~ Mystical Prayers


Published by mysticalprayers

I write from soul, in soul, for all animate souls, for that is the way, the truth and the life. Seeking to empower all seeking souls through self knowing, self actualisation, and self realisation that’s I Fin @ Mystical Prayers. Serving freely soul to soul, dear soul🙏

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