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Freedom – Liberation

“momenta aeternae animae – lahazat alruwh al’abadia – רגעים נצחיים של נשמה – is the sacred journey of all souls.” ~ Mystical Prayers

“Love is Your Innate State of Being, Dear Soul.” ~ Mystical Prayers

Dear reader and seeker you may share the articles from this blog freely. But please don’t reproduce this body of works or indeed lower your innate soul state by plagiarising this work for you are greater than such an act. That being said; should you require further one to one coaching and guidance upon your current soul journey you can contact me by clicking here. In closing this paragraph should you wish to purchase any of my self help books in paperback or ebook formate simply click here. Please note this is not a religious blog albeit I’ve lovingly embed translated aramaic quotes because when we truly understand the power of divinity in flow. Truly; God is, I am, we are so.

When the heavens sit at ease within your beating and still heart again dear soul. Then you will know the serenity of innate peace. When the heavens rise and fall in absolute compassion deep within your soul again. Then you will know God and freedom beckons. When the tears fall in laughter, sadness, joy and compassion again. Then you will truly know soul, dear soul. When love pulls and draws you towards the narrow gate through deeds and service again. Then you will know the sacred journey of soul, dear soul. When you are still amidst chaos and serenity in equal measure again. Then you will know the sublime power of vibrational attunement dear soul. When the breath of life gives way to soul transition again. Then you will know life eternal again, dear soul. For; those are the gifts and blessings awaiting every animate soul, dear soul. Indeed the gifts that cannot be purchased or acquired through greed, self-service or theft. For they are the gifts and blessings well earned upon the anvil of soul impurity transmutation, dear soul. Still is the mind, expansive is the heart. Great is the love and compassion of the one that fire and forge and hammer and anvil patently recreated through love anew. Fertile are their thoughts, harmonious are their deeds. Great is the legacy that they leave upon returning home. Bright is their light, flexible is their gait. Soft is their wisdom that they offer freely. Unshakable faith in their ardour, charity their way. Creating hope in others seemingly effortlessly. Steadfast by night and engaging by day. Lost they are not, shepherds of truth they most certainly are. Open and receptive, free from dogma and egoic corruptions. Fruit bearing in abundance, and generosity their innate love. Attached to no-thing. That is the way, the truth and the life of one who has surrendered to God. A life lived well through service in mystical prayer open to all who hear the call of soul, from soul, to every soul; “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” ~ Romans 12:12 KJV.

In Corpus Christī, Blessing and Prayers I Send All Souls. Make Everyday a Celebration of Life Lived Through The Lens of Love.

“Patience is The Heart Beating Still Within All Awakening Souls.” ~ Mystical Prayers

Many desire fame, many desire power, many desire wealth, many desire followers. I desire that every soul be free, every soul be safe, every soul be secure, every soul be healthy and happy and I achieve that through mystical prayer, for I am that, I am. Therein; claim that state too dear soul by becoming “I am that, I am”. Indeed power unlimted expressing the golden rule and manifesting the reality you desire there to be.

“Loving God, Serving Soul, Come, Come Holy Spirit Enlighten Me.” ~ Mystical Prayers


Published by mysticalprayers

I write from soul, in soul, for all animate souls, for that is the way, the truth and the life. Seeking to empower all seeking souls through self knowing, self actualisation, and self realisation that’s I Fin @ Mystical Prayers. Serving freely soul to soul, dear soul🙏

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