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Abundant – Treasures

“momenta aeternae animae – lahazat alruwh al’abadia – רגעים נצחיים של נשמה – is the sacred journey of all souls.” ~ Mystical Prayers

“Love is Your Innate State of Being, Dear Soul.” ~ Mystical Prayers

Dear reader and seeker you may share the articles from this blog freely. But please don’t reproduce this body of works or indeed lower your innate soul state by plagiarising this work for you are greater than such an act. That being said; should you require further one to one coaching and guidance upon your current soul journey you can contact me by clicking here. In closing this paragraph should you wish to purchase any of my self help books in paperback or ebook formate simply click here. Please note this is not a religious blog albeit I’ve lovingly embed translated aramaic quotes because when we truly understand the power of divinity in flow. Truly; God is, I am, we are so.

Are you building your eternal treasure trove dear soul? I’m not asking if you go to temple, to church, mosque or a religious meeting place. Because the holiest temple, church, mosque etc that you will ever enter dear soul is that which is holy within you. Therein; I’m not asking if you give a little to charity and feel that you have a kind heart. I’m asking if you are truly doing the inner work and working upon purifying your very essence and letting go of that which does not serve your soul. So I ask again are you building your eternal treasure trove dear soul? Are you? Because be under no illusion that your greatest threat is the egoic illusionary delusions of mammon. Indeed the delusions of status, of self reward, of physical strength and beauty. For all that is dust and in being dust will always be dust and dust is no treasure worthy of the pilgrim who seeks upon the sacred journey of soul. Now that said; dust may well be eternal dear soul in some shape or form but it’s certainly not your treasure trove. Therein; think about how you live your life and how you view the world through your heart and eyes. Set aside all infantile translations of the bible or any religious texts which give the inculcated a copout from doing the work. Such nonsense is simply entrapment by stealth and a hindrance to spirit in soul freedom. That is the cosmic truth of how it is so and how it will always be. For freedom dear soul is won through endeavour and a surrender to the divine. Its not a guarantee for playing the games of mammon and/or compliance with untruthful and fraudulent inculcations. No freedom requires effort by each and every soul. Its that very point in time when the the divine light within is lovingly reactivated. Thereafter the sacred call can no longer be ignored. Therein it’s really not complicated to build ones eternal treasure trove. But it does take work and it does take courage and a whole lot of forbearance supported by a desire to truly be love. It’s certainly not an easy life or indeed an easy journey. But it’s the only journey that can truly free and hence liberate every seeking soul. So take stock dear soul. Yes; take stock of your thoughts, your words and your deeds daily. Let go of expectation and try if you will to move into contemplative acceptance. Bad things will happen indeed many along the way. Some will push you to the limits of your endurance and force you to question your state of faith and inner world conviction. Amidst all that angst good things will happen too. Things that blow you away by their force and sublime power. Still remember it’s not about good or indeed bad for they as simply constructs derived within ones utterly insane ego. No it’s about balance. It’s about love. It’s about detachment and a life committed to inner purification, service and contemplative prayer. That is the way, the truth and the life. Indeed the chemistry of divine providence creating unimaginable abundance in that yet to come. It’s not about loss or indeed gain amidst this highly challenging dualistic reality. Its about love, it’s always about love. The giving, sharing and receiving of holy grace. So seeking soul; “Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man.” ~ Proverbs 3:3-4 KJV.

In Corpus Christī, Blessing and Prayers I Send All Souls. Make Everyday a Celebration of Committing to Love For That Yet To Come.

“The Eternal Treasures of Soul are Built of Love in Light.” ~ Mystical Prayers

Many desire fame, many desire power, many desire wealth, many desire followers. I desire that every soul be free, every soul be safe, every soul be secure, every soul be healthy and happy and I achieve that through mystical prayer, for I am that, I am. Therein; claim that state too dear soul by becoming “I am that, I am”. Indeed power unlimted expressing the golden rule and manifesting the reality you desire there to be.

“Loving God, Serving Soul, Come, Come Holy Spirit Enlighten Me.” ~ Mystical Prayers


Published by mysticalprayers

I write from soul, in soul, for all animate souls, for that is the way, the truth and the life. Seeking to empower all seeking souls through self knowing, self actualisation, and self realisation that’s I Fin @ Mystical Prayers. Serving freely soul to soul, dear soul🙏

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