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Service And – Serving

“momenta aeternae animae – lahazat alruwh al’abadia – רגעים נצחיים של נשמה – is the sacred journey of all souls.” ~ Mystical Prayers

“Love is Your Innate State of Being, Dear Soul.” ~ Mystical Prayers

Dear reader and seeker you may share the articles from this blog freely. But please don’t reproduce this body of works or indeed lower your innate soul state by plagiarising this work for you are greater than such an act. That being said; should you require further one to one coaching and guidance upon your current soul journey you can contact me by clicking here. In closing this paragraph should you wish to purchase any of my self help books in paperback or ebook formate simply click here. Please note this is not a religious blog albeit I’ve lovingly embed translated aramaic quotes because when we truly understand the power of divinity in flow. Truly; God is, I am, we are so.

He wowed his peers with his grasp of the gospels and his piety was there and clear to be seen by everyone who heard him and everyone who encountered him. Holy book under arm always ready to quote at will from it, always ready to instruct others of and upon the errors of their ways. Unto service of the lord he was inclined, off to the seminary college was his destination. Assured of himself he arrived in good time and was politely shown to his cell with no pomp or ceremony. Therein given his written instructions for his responsibilities, accountabilities and his labours for and beginning the very next morning. Three days into this experiential setting he was told by a fellow brother that the monsignor had requested to see him. Once in the presence of the monsignor the young man did not wait on ceremony instead he abruptly asked; “how can I help you monsignor” in a completely unaware yet outlandishly condescending tone. The monsignor sighed then gently smiled and replied; “perhaps you can explain to me why you feel so unable to commit to your responsibilities, accountabilities and labours.” At which the young man replied; “I have not come here to mop floors, clean latrines and dig up weeds, I monsignor am in service to the lord.” The monsignor sighed again and enquired; “do you think you’re above the rudimentariness of life?” The young man again abruptly replied with an air of grandiosity; “I am here to serve the lord not to work as an unpaid” but before he could finish the monsignor placed his right hand upon the young mans left shoulder and said; “I sense you’re in the wrong place my son, for if you don’t understand true humility and what service truly is whether it’s three days, three years, three decades or three lifetimes then that’s not something we can teach you here so it’s already time for you to leave.” Now the monsignor could have should he have been inclined to do so work through the scriptures with the young man citing all the ways that the son of man whom the young man claimed to serve had humbled himself in service. But the monsignor knew that it would be wrong to give that which is holy to dogs et al., choosing instead to allow the young to forge his own cross of learning in the most appropriate way for him. For it is written so that when the student is ready the teacher will appear and even if that’s not always a physical teacher, for sure life experiences teach us all great lessons. Thus it is so that all those who would follow the life of service must do likewise for those without eyes to see and ears to hear. Allowing them to forge their own teaching experiences. For the greatest service of soul is to love and to become humble, yes humble and free of all egocentric insanities and attachment to outcomes for; “Whosoever will be chief among you let him be your servant, even as the Son of Man came to serve.” ~ Matthew 20:27-28 KJV.

In Corpus Christī, Blessing and Prayers I Send All Souls. Make Everyday a Celebration of Devotion.

“Acquired humility is the polar opposite to shame.” ~ Mystical Prayers

Many desire fame, many desire power, many desire wealth, many desire followers. I desire that every soul be free, every soul be safe, every soul be secure, every soul be healthy and happy and I achieve that through mystical prayer, for I am that, I am. Therein; claim that state too dear soul by becoming “I am that, I am”. Indeed power unlimted expressing the golden rule and manifesting the reality you desire there to be.

“Loving God, Serving Soul, Come, Come Holy Spirit Enlighten Me.” ~ Mystical Prayers


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I write from soul, in soul, for all animate souls, for that is the way, the truth and the life. Seeking to empower all seeking souls through self knowing, self actualisation, and self realisation that’s I Fin @ Mystical Prayers. Serving freely soul to soul, dear soul🙏

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